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Add visual flair to your Elementor Pages

Designer Powerup introduces a Blob generator within Elementor that lets you create random blobs shapes of your choice, live, with full control over it.

More than just a trend

Blobs have now become one of the go-to design elements for pages that want to give an organic feel instead of just rigid, flat blocks.

It can also work very well as a supportive element for images, videos, illustrations and even as their substitutions.

Besides that, you can communicate fun, friendly, and flexible nature through these amorphous, organic blob shapes.

Hassle-free process

Generating a random blob shape in Elementor is now as easy as clicking a button with our Blob Generator.

No more exporting the shape from somewhere, importing to the site as image, and then having no control over it; or even worse – getting something wrong and repeating the whole thing again.

Get complete control over the generator

You can tweak the Complexity and Contrast of the Blob Generator to achieve the type of blob shape you’re looking for.

Fine tune the shape with on-demand generation

If you don’t like the blob shape, you can re-generate it again and the tool will come up with a different shape every time.

Blob Generator - Designer Powerup for Elementor

You don’t have to sacrifice page speed

Our random blob shape generator generates inline SVG elements that does not affect the page speed in any way.

So, you can rest assured that generating nice and fun Blob shapes does not slow down the site or hurt SEO.

Fully Responsive

You can tweak the size of the blob as you wish to make sure that the blob looks equally impressive on tablet and mobile devices as well.

Ready to jazz up your designs with Blobs?

Give it a shot and experience the awesomeness by yourself.
Your purchase is backed by a 14 days money back guarantee. No obligations.

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